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Countless stats demonstrate the importance of customer service, or as we like to call it at EnSight+, customer care. Data points like the fact that investing in new customers is between 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing customers and that 76% of B2B customers expect businesses to know their needs are just two of the most revealing.

Our main goal is always to improve clients’ operations in ways that empower them to become more successful. But, in order to do that, we recognize that customer care plays a central part in those efforts. We’re pulling the curtain back to reveal the top priorities of the EnSight+ customer care team that supports our pursuit of customer success. 

We thoroughly train our staff 

No one knows our solution better than our customer care representatives because we train them extensively. In addition to learning about how to use the software, our reps are given best practices for customer service.  Strengthening their skill sets and the value they bring to our clients.

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We always provide an empathetic ear

Our clients in industries like utilities, construction, and home services all have their own clients and customers to answer to. That’s why our customer care team is always empathetic to their problems. If a problem with our platform prohibits our clients from serving their clients, that means we aren’t serving ours properly either.

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We find solutions

Empathy is a wonderful trait for a rep to have, but it’s only part of the equation. The other piece we stress to our reps is remaining focused on finding a solution. Our reps take the time to know our clients and their usage of our product.  When something goes wrong, they can quickly rectify the problem. Client success is our success, and our team fully buys into that premise.

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We set expectations and deliver on them

As good as our customer care reps are, it’s simply not possible for them to know everything. There are times we may need to research or huddle as a team to find a solution. When that happens, we’re always upfront and honest about the situation.  Providing a timeline of when the client can expect an update and, just as importantly, we stick to our word.

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We work collaboratively

While we would never expect a client to get their hands dirty and help with coding or functional fixes of our software, we do like to work collaboratively. A good example of this is how a rep might bounce an idea or two off a client to get their approval. In doing so, clients get a sense of how invested we really are in their success, and many enjoy the process of pitching in with their own ideas.

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