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It’s been estimated that there are some 20 million field technicians worldwide, with the market showing no signs of slowing down. For mobile field service management organizations, these employees are the lifeblood of the outfit. Office workers like schedulers, dispatchers, and accounts payable staff are all important cogs in the machine. But, the field technicians dictate the success of a customer’s experience.

With field technicians operating out of the office without direct oversight, there have been times when a disconnect occurs. But as we have seen in countless industries before it, technology has revamped field service management for the better. Field service management software has proven to be an integral part of operations for companies with a mobile workforce — but with so many different software providers out there, narrowing down the must-haves can be challenging. Here’s a look at three things your next field service management software should include.

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Real-time visibility

This one may be the most impactful of all the benefits touted by field service management software. It eliminates the problematic disconnect we mentioned earlier. Think about paperwork orders and notes versus work orders stored in cloud-based field service management software. The difference is like pen versus pencil: When you write in pen, what you say is permanent, and making changes requires an entirely new piece of paper. However, with a pencil, your writing can easily be erased and replaced with the newest information.

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Field service management software provides that same level of real-time flexibility. Employees document within one work order, whether in the office or the field. This ensures that no matter what gets added or edited, anyone looking can feel confident that what they’re seeing is the latest update. This development is instrumental in improving first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction.

However, that real-time visibility can extend beyond just work orders. In some field service management software solutions, field technicians and leadership have the ability to monitor inventory or assets like tools in real time. Additionally, leadership can utilize GPS technology embedded within the platform to locate where field technicians are at any time—a particularly valuable perk in times of crisis.

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Simple, intuitive, and customizable design

One of the well-known concerns within the field service industry is the “graying” of the workforce, a term used to describe older field technicians heading for retirement and out of business. While there’s reason to believe that field service management software can help fill in the gaps when those veteran employees do retire, there’s no reason to wait to deploy the solution.

Still, many older employees lack the know-how or proficiency that younger generations have when it comes to using technology. That’s why it’s vital that any field service management software you use be simple to operate. Look for solutions that are intuitive in nature and not overly complicated. Another key recommendation is to find customized software for your specific needs. The only thing worse than making someone learn software they don’t understand is having them learn software that doesn’t apply to their job.

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The ability to work offline

As any field technician knows, their day-to-day work can take them into areas that aren’t always conducive to technology. The best field service management software solutions also enable technicians to use the solution.  Their views include viewing and completing work orders and tracking time.  Even if the technician is in an area with poor cell service and data connectivity.  Offline capability stores any data entered until the technician returns to an area where internet connectivity isn’t a problem.  Their phone will then sync instantaneously and without any further action by the technician.

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EnSight+ has all these features and more.

EnSight+ provides real-time visibility and offline functionality in a completely customizable and easy-to-use field service management software solution. With our platform, your mobile workforce can become more efficient, productive, organized, successful, and fulfilled. Ready to learn more? Book your demo today.


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