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When we’re at home, channel surfing and skimming online news sites can be entertaining. We fall down “internet rabbit holes” and re-emerge hours later laden with interesting facts. At the same time, bouncing from one platform to the next can be distracting and inefficient. That isn’t much of a problem when you’re sitting on the couch, but it’s a different story at work.

Construction Dive recently covered the perils of toggling between work-related systems, or what it calls the “drain of app switching,” highlighting a few ways that the practice can stunt productivity. That got us thinking about how EnSight+ offers companies an effective, comprehensive alternative. Here are the top three ways that single-platform solutions like EnSight+ are more efficient and more user-friendly.

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EnSight+ increases productivity and efficiency

Citing a study conducted by software company Qatalog, Construction Dive wrote that app switching “hampers productivity for 45% of workers.” Anyone who has had to log in and out of multiple systems can understand why—it’s laborious and time-consuming. In contrast, EnSight+ gives users the ability to control all facets of an operation from one single platform. From accessing customer information and confirming completion of a work order to checking on inventory and entering their timesheet, a worker using EnSight+ never has to leave the system. In fact, in a study of existing customers, we found that the EnSight+ solution increased efficiency by 37% on average.

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Additionally, the fleet-as-a-service capabilities found within our solution up the ante on oversight and control. Because EnSight+ is based in the cloud and utilizes GPS, leadership in the office can see where their fleet vehicles are at any time and also retrieve details on driver habits like speed and routes driven with just a few clicks of the mouse.

EnSight+ eliminates silos

Workers that operating in silos are bound to make mistakes occasionally. It’s only natural when employees are working with little to no awareness of what their peers are doing. But according to Construction Dive’s coverage, these errors are happening more often than you might think. “For 44% of workers, siloed digital tools are making it hard to gauge whether work is being duplicated,” the publication wrote. “Nearly half said the inability to track work led to mistakes on the job.” Imagine asking almost half your employees what they’re working on, only to find that they’re doing work twice due to a lack of communication. This is frustrating, and entirely avoidable with field service software.

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The EnSight+ platform facilitates ubiquitous access among a mobile workforce. Schedulers, dispatchers, technicians, leadership, and more now have visibility into what others are doing. Our solution eliminates siloed operations and encourage collaboration. This is a significant reason why we’ve been able to reduce error rates by nearly 90% for our customers.

EnSight+ improves communication

For employees using multiple systems, tracking down a piece of information can sometimes feel like a game of hide-and-seek. Even if the employee knows where what they are looking for resides, there’s still the time and frustration involved with switching platforms. Construction Dive’s piece cites a stat that says, “workers report spending nearly one hour a day looking for information between collaboration, storage, and messaging apps, and half of the workers fear the information will get lost in the shuffle.”

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EnSight+ eliminates that barrier and improves communication along the way through its single-platform solution. Employees never have to bounce to another platform to communicate with their peers. Plus, the app saves those communications, making historical documentation easy to retrieve.

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EnSight+ is a top single-platform solution

Our field service software allows businesses to manage their mobile workforce more efficiently and effectively through one unified platform.  Even better – if your data is in order, we can design and launch your custom solution in four weeks. To learn more about the modules found within our solution and how you can best utilize them, book your demo today.


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