Telematics Collaboration: Leadership is Key

Big data has been responsible for the revolutionary overhaul of processes in nearly every industry. Field service management is no different. Data has enabled field service companies to improve operations across multiple disciples within the space. Companies with fleet vehicles have strategically used technology called telematics to upgrade the efficiency and productivity of their work….

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Introducing Cyber Safety Habits to Your Organization

For any field service business, the topic of safety is an important one. These are companies that deal with complex machinery or tools that have the potential to injure a technician. Fortunately, most people in the business understand the inherent risks and proceed accordingly. Still, they may be less aware of their responsibilities when working…

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Servitization: A Trend Your Business Should be Following

Time and again, good customer service has been proven worth its weight in gold. If you need a refresher, check out these stats: 73% of customers remain loyal to a brand because of friendly customer service, 90% of Americans say customer service is a reason to do business with a company and 93% of customers were likely to…

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Six Ways On-the-Job Training Can Benefit Your Company

“Knowledge is power” is a phrase that’s been around for centuries, but it still rings true today. Within the field service industry, knowledge can also represent a number of different things. For technicians specifically, it can mean job satisfaction and security, safety in the workplace, competency, and potential career growth. While not all techs will…

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Navigating Field Service Businesses Through COVID-19

When much of the country shut down due to COVID, many businesses in the field service industry considered themselves lucky. Essential businesses remain open and essential staff remain employed. This helped to insulate them from the type of financial ruin that other sectors have to navigate. Field service businesses were forced to adapt to challenging…

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Fleet Manager Skills That Make a Difference

Every good ship needs a capable captain, and the same can be said for field service management companies. Like a fleet of ships, many of these businesses command a large number of company vehicles. From the outside, this might seem straightforward, but zoom in on the fleet manager. It will be clear that this person…

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Second Sight Systems Adds EnSight Plus As Work Order Management System for AMI Metering

EnSight Plus is pleased to announce a new partnership with Second Sight Systems. EnSight Plus will assist with AMI work order management needs. Read the full details in Second Sight’s press release here.

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How Does Technology Improve Customer Service?

“Necessity is the mother of invention” is a proverb attributed to Plato, but its actual origin remains uncertain to scholars. Despite the mystery, everyone does universally agree upon the proverb’s meaning: Tough times inspire ingenuity to solve problems. Businesses have always faced customer complaints about product quality, timeliness of delivery, and a host of other…

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Shifting to Remote Work? Here’s How to Create a Secure Infrastructure

Crises like natural disasters and, most recently, COVID-19, can throw businesses and their operations for a loop. In addition to navigating product and process changes, businesses must also face the reality of disruptions like office closures. Technology has made these shifts easier to endure. However, for employees thrust into a teleworking environment, security remains a…

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