Work Order Management Software in Times of Crisis

COVID-19 has swept across the globe and government leaders turned to social distancing, shutdowns, and shelter-in-place orders to help slow the spread. Do we know what is or isn’t considered an “essential worker?” Field service technicians already understood that their operating hours would likely go unchanged. Lawmakers didn’t require field service companies to close up…

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Fleet Management Software for Difficult Situations

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, only about 7% of Americans worked remotely prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. Safer-at-home orders and shutdowns transformed the way businesses operated during the height of the virus. It will likely continue to affect operations after the spread of the virus slows. As businesses scrambled to mobilize…

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Modernizing Field Service Operations for Better Emergency Response

When responding to an emergency, few age-old clichés are still as relevant as “time is of the essence.” Reports show that shaving just one minute off 911 response times could save 10,000 lives every year. And while the difference between life and death in humans is an extreme example of the importance of timely emergency response,…

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No IT Staff? No Worries: Field Service Software is Here!

In a perfect world, companies adding a software solution wouldn’t need in-house IT support. Instead of adding staff to support technology, new software should free up time for employees, particularly when businesses adopt software involving automation. Companies dispatching workers and managing a fleet of vehicles might be hesitant to adopt new software if they have small…

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A Work Order App Built for Technicians and Managers Alike

Go Paperless and Get Ahead For companies in the field service management industry, emphasizing the importance of the work order process is a no-brainer. After all, successful and efficient completion of something as critical as work orders can make or break your company. It’s that impact on a business’s bottom line that has managers like…

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Get Field Techs to an Emergency Quickly

Customer expectations are higher than ever these days, so when the power or internet service goes out, they want a quick fix. While losing power is inconvenient to most, it could be a life-threatening situation for those who need electricity to run life-sustaining medical equipment. If there’s a gas leak, help is needed right away….

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Say Goodbye to Paper and Hello to More Efficient Driving

Say Goodbye to Paper and Hello to More Efficient Driving Sometimes, less can really be more. For field technicians who traverse territories with company fleet vehicles, the smallest process change can have a substantial impact. For one, think about the patterns and behaviors of those drivers. The American Trucking Association says that an hour of…

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Efficiency Across Industries with EnSight Plus

Workers across industries (plumbers, HVAC techs, construction foremen…) all have diverse skill sets. The common thread among them: a desire to improve efficiency and the first-time fix rate. Related: Improve Occupant Productivity with Field Service Software Fortunately for EnSight Plus customers, those two areas are our bread and butter. Our field service management software can…

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Fuel Economy: 18 Ways to Improve

All fleet businesses face uncertainty when it comes to fuel costs. However, the combination of commonsense practices, specific expectations for fleet employees, and solid fleet management software can help reduce costs. Here are 18 ways that a fleet manager might improve their company’s fuel economy. Related: 6 Ways Dynamic Routing Can Make Your Job Easier

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