EnSight Plus CEO Lee Schwartz Presents: How to Strike the Best Balance Between Employee Autonomy and Accountability

Few bosses set out to be the look-over-the-shoulder type. Unfortunately, many of them find it difficult to give employees more freedom within widening parameters. Yet throughout my career, I’ve consistently found that giving workers autonomy and accountability improves company morale, corporate culture, and team engagement. Most managers know on an instinctive level that happier employees are generally…

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6 Ways Dynamic Routing Can Make Your Job Easier

What is Dynamic Routing vs. Static Route Planning? In the past, the only way for fleet managers to plan service routes was by manually plotting out destinations. Although it fails to account for variables like traffic, weather, and last-minute changes, static routing has been the status quo for many years. However, global positioning technology (GPS)…

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What is Fleet Telematics?

There are many businesses with fleets of vehicles at the core of their business model, like taxi companies, truck rental services, and pickup/delivery services, just to name a few. Any fleet manager should have a good understanding of what fleet telematics is and how it can benefit their business.

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The Work Order Management Process Explained

A successful work order management process should be standardized, structured, and able to transition smoothly from one stage to another. It should avoid unnecessary complexity, striving for simplicity whenever possible. Ideally, a business’s work order management process encompasses several departments and professional specializations. Managers should aim for the sweet spot between too much control and…

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Why Workplace Efficiency Makes Employees Happier and More Engaged

Want Happier, More Engaged Employees? Become More Efficient For most businesses, the bottom line motivates the quest for efficiency. But the benefits of a truly efficient workplace go far beyond dollars and cents. Improving efficiency in the workplace will ultimately boost employee morale and retention while setting a business up for long-term success.

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How to Prepare for — and Leverage — Changes in Smart Grid Technology

Renewable energy solutions, customer service platforms, and behavioral monitoring programs used to visualize energy usage. Utility companies around the country are investing heavily in new technology. Perhaps the most significant investment is coming in the form of smart grids. U.S. utilities are poised to invest a staggering $110 billion in smart grid infrastructure over the…

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Utilities Space: Build a Flexible Business Model that Supports Technological Innovation

In 2015, U.S. utility companies spent over $100 billion on capital expenditures. The majority of those resources went specifically to investments in the grid. These companies poured money into assets and infrastructure, energy generation and distribution, and the slew of cutting-edge hardware and software. What’s more, utilities were projected to spend roughly the same amount…

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How to Select the Best Work Order Management Tool

Work orders keep tens of millions of American workers in utilities, facilities management, HVAC, and other field services on track every day. “Work order management” refers to a company’s set of processes and procedures for handling work orders, from creation to completion. A work order management tool is a system or platform that a company…

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Collect & Analyze Data with Fleet Monitoring Software

The presence of data affects our personal decisions daily. For instance, you’re likely to see someone in Florida leaving the house in the summer with an umbrella. Facts and statistics tell us that the Sunshine State isn’t always so sunny—particularly from June through August. As a result, Floridians have learned to prepare and adapt to…

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