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Did you know that the United Nations projects that the global population will reach 9.8 billion in  2050 and 11.2 billion in 2100? That’s a lot of energy that will be needed in the future. This will keep utilities and the businesses that work with them busy. Meter manufacturers that produce devices that read and analyze usage are some of those businesses that can expect to stay busy, which means they will need to run as efficiently as possible.

Industries handling complex systems and machinery can’t simply do jobs faster.  Rather, management must find ways to streamline processes and improve practices, including evolving operations away from antiquated paper-based methods.  The benefits provided by field management software offered by EnSight+ are myriad. The software is a seamless, automated solution that will streamline operations. Manufacturers of meters and other equipment used by utilities should consider the three ways their companies can improve by implementing EnSight+ software. Here they are:

1. Improves Communication

Regardless of the industry, no company should work in silos. It’s up to leadership to establish the means of breaking down barriers in order to improve communication among teammates. Fortunately for those who have employees both in an office and in the field, the software solution from EnSight+ can help to make that happen.

Think about how companies that operate through a paper-based approach handle communication. There’s usually one master document that has job details and customer information, which might get photocopied or emailed to various employees. But what happens if there’s a change in the work order? What happens if the number of meters needing to be produced for a certain job increases?  That involves follow-up meetings and additional printouts just to communicate each employee’s new tasks. Not exactly efficient. It’s also not exactly good business. What if one of the employees misses the meeting or forgets that the quota has changed?

With EnSight+, that scenario is easily avoidable. Whether they’re on a desktop computer or a mobile device, employees can log in to the system to see their tasks. When there’s a change, that modification is updated systemwide so every employee has the most updated data at all times. No paper needed. No follow-up meetings held. Just work executed efficiently and effectively.

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2. Help keep your workers safe

Working around utilities is no joke, especially when it can involve dangerous electrical currents.  And whether you’re manufacturing meters or installing them, your company must prioritize safety on the job site every day. For some companies, that might mean an orientation video or a manual in a binder that they ask employees to read.  Those companies understand that advanced measures must be taken to ensure employees’ safety. With the EnSight+ software, you can effortlessly implement them.

For instance, let’s say you’ve tasked your crew with using a soldering iron on two parts of the meter. One of the tasks requires a 15-watt iron, while the other requires a 30-watt iron. Our software allows you to create safety protocols that employees must read prior to performing any work. These customizable fields can include checklist items to remind employees about the need to wear protective eye-wear and gloves. Also, it can also specify the wattage of the soldering irons used in that day’s tasks.  Because an iron that is too hot can damage electronic components.

On top of that, if there’s an impurity caused by the heat, bits of solder can go flying and pose a threat to safety. Employees who use EnSight+ software receive routine reminders about these dangers and must acknowledge them prior to starting their tasks. That level of safety and accountability is hard to achieve with a paper-based approach.

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3. Ensure you never run out of materials

When you’re manufacturing meters, it’s impossible to do the job without the right equipment.  Let’s go back to our soldering iron example. If your crew is ramping up production and adding staff, you’re going to need more soldering irons to meet the demand. If you’re using the EnSight+ solution, you can keep a running tally and catalog of the number of functional soldering irons available.  The same goes for materials that you might use and reorder on a regular basis. If you purchase 100,000 feet of 16-gauge red wire each month but think you might be able to reduce that to 75,000 feet monthly for the next six months, just check our material inventory in the system.

Our software is the proverbial eye in the sky when it comes to inventory. Companies that use a paper-based inventory management system are subject to a variety of errors.  These errors can be reduced or eliminated by an automated solution. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of field service management software, contact EnSight+ today or book a demo.


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